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Claydon High School

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Year 7 catch-up premium is additional to the main school funding and is targeted for each student in Year 7 who did not achieve at least Level 4 in reading and/or Mathematics at Key Stage 2.  

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium – Review of 2017-18

For the academic year 2017-18 the school received £10, 586 in catch-up premium funding.  This is designed to support students who have not reached secondary ready levels in English and/or Maths at Key Stage 2.  The impact of our interventions has been generally successful and will be adapted to increase progress for 2018-19.

At Claydon High School 51 students who were below the expected end of key stage levels in one or more of the subjects received catch-up premium.

The following strategies were undertaken:

  • Increased focus upon class support and additional tuition in Year 7 English and Maths classes
  • Purchase of new assessment materials for group intervention sessions.
  • Targeted use of LSAs to support these students across the curriculum
  • Liaison with subject teams to develop common approaches to literacy and numeracy across the curriculum using the new look student planner
  • Every student encouraged to undertake the PiXL Apprentice qualification
  • Raising the profile of lifelong learning skills in “Be the best for life” focus including a team building day of problem solving challenges at Mersea Outdoor Education Centre
  • Change to the curriculum structure to target support for groups of students.


  • 36 students received intervention and additional support.
  • 86% of students made positive progress.
  • 36% of students made more than expected progress.


  • 38 students received intervention and additional support.
  • 68% of students made positive progress.
  • 8% of students made more than expected progress.

English and Maths

  • 49 students received support across subjects.
  • 58% made progress in both subjects.
  • In addition all Year 7s undertook ‘Numeracy Ninjas’ in tutor time.


Plans for 2018-19

For the current academic year (anticipated funding of £10, 586) we plan to:

  • Continue to support students with class groupings and additional LSA support
  • Continue to offer bespoke interventions for students to boost literacy and/or numeracy skills
  • Purchase additional texts and resources for class and additional interventions
  • Undertake EEF funded research with Northgate High School to explore effective strategies for developing reading skills
  • Continue with WOW words and Numeracy Ninja foci during tutor time for all students
  • Support all students in undertaking the PiXL Apprentice qualification