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Claydon High School

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium

Year 7 catch-up premium is additional to the main school funding and is targeted for each student in Year 7 who did not achieve at least Level 4 in reading and/or Mathematics at Key Stage 2.  

Year 7 Catch-Up Premium – Review of 2019-2020

For the academic year of 2019-2020 (funding of £10,586) alongside the existing interventions, we planned to:

  • Increase opportunities for enrichment trips

⇒ For the first time, all students attended Year 7 camp either as a day guest or residential

  • Increase competition in literacy and numeracy based challenges across the curriculum
  • Offered academic and wellbeing support through Peer Mentoring, Homework and Breakfast club

⇒ All support strategies were deployed as part of Year 7 transition process

  • Increase enriching activities with feeder primary schools

⇒ Plans were unable to be implemented due to Covid-19 restrictions

  • Target support for pupil premium students with SEND

⇒ Student licences and enrolment in Spellzone and Lexia literacy based interventions

  • Increase opportunities for parent consultation

⇒ Introduction of coffee mornings, increasing opportunities for parents/carers to have face to face engagement with school staff


Y7 (Based on English Reading and Writing)

  • 92% of students made positive progress up to Spring term
  • Students in receipt of PPG grant - 87% on or above target
  • SEND students - 73.5% on or above target


  • 70.4% of students made positive progress
  • Boys in receipt of PPG grant - 66.7% on or above target
  • SEND students - 82.3% on or above target


Year 7 Catch-Up Premium – 2020-2021

Year 7 catch-up funding has now been ceased in school and redeployed by Government to other intervention based strategies.