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Claydon High School

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Moving Towards Zero Waste

Monday 25th November 3-4pm

Suggested audience: students, staff, parents/carers, local community.

During this event, you will be invited to consider the impact of choices during the festive season - from gift giving, food waste, through to becoming single-use plastic free. The event will be a mixture of talk, discussion and workshop activity. As we approach Christmas, come along and explore how you can have a wonderful, ecologically aware, festive season.

Our speakers, Leanne and Eva, are trained Animal Aid educational speakers who live and work in Suffolk. They are very active on social media and run online groups that help support families and individuals take steps towards a more sustainable way of life, including helping those who are transitioning to become fully vegan. Last year, Leanne was featured in the Ipswich Evening Star discussing how she was making changes to her family Christmas in order to reduce waste and their impact on the environment. 

This event can be booked here: 

If you would prefer not to use your personal details, please feel free to use the school address and postcode when booking. Booking information is only used to inform us of the number of attendees in advance in order to meet the audience's needs. Some events will have a limited capacity. So book early to avoid disappointment!

If attending from outside of our immediate school community you will need to sign in to the building. Please use the main entrance where you will be greeted, registered, given a visitor badge and shown to the venue within school.