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Claydon High School

Headteacher's Update

Welcome back to a new term, a new year and a new decade and we wish everyone in our school community and more widely in Claydon and Suffolk a very happy and successful 2020.

We have had a really positive start to the new year and students have begun lessons in a focussed and conscientious way. It is a busy year for our year 11 students in particular as they prepare for exams in the summer but students in every year of the school will be busy as they participate in clubs, attend trips, undertake work experience in Year 10, choose options in Year 9 and of course work conscientiously in all of their lessons. They will be challenged and supported in equal measure by our fantastic team of teachers and support staff, who give generously of their time to ensure all students have the opportunity to be the best they can be.

We have reminded students of our expectations at the start of the year and a letter has been circulated via parent mail to outline some of the key messages; these remain consistent from September and throughout the year.  Our key request of students is to be kind. Compassion is one of our 4 key pillars for the school and we ask students to be kind to themselves, focusing on the positive, taking steps to promote their own wellbeing including eating healthily, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep as well as taking part in hobbies and relaxing with family and friends. We also expect them to be kind in school, saying thank you to staff and students who support them, not excluding others from friendship groups or speaking or behaving in an unpleasant way. We have also asked them to be the best they can be at home, so if your child did come home in December and make you a cup of tea linked to our Claydon Countdown Challenge, I hope you will see them continue to undertake regular acts of kindness.

We look forward to welcoming parents and carer to one of our many evening events during 2020.