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Claydon High School

5th April 1937 – a key date in the history of Claydon High School!

The school archives hold copies of logbooks written by former headteachers of the school.

The very first one, written by Mr Britton, covers the period 1937-1955.

The first entry, dated 5th April 1937, is as follows:-

“I, Maurice Edward Britton, today opened this school.

The Chairman of Managers, the Rev. L.B.C. Newell, MA, was present at 9.00am.  Managers of the school were present at 11.30am when a short service and speeches of welcome were delivered to the children.

P.C. Ruffles visited at 10.55am to discuss traffic control at Church Lane Corner.”

Happy 82nd birthday to Claydon High School!