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Claydon High School

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What Claydon High School looks like...


This is the School Office. The staff who work in here can help you if you feel unwell, need to contact home, have a medical appointment or if you have lost something.

During Year 7 or 8 you will get the opportunity be the Office Assistant for the day; answering the phone, greeting visitors and delivering important messages around the school.



The Main Hall. You will start your first day at Claydon High in this room, meeting your tutor groups for the first time. Throughout the year you will have assemblies in the Main Hall led by your Head of Year, members of the Senior Leadership Team and school visitors. It also acts as an indoor space for PE, extra-curricular clubs and the majority of our evening events take place in this space.



The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is used for lessons and at break and lunchtimes, if you want somewhere quiet to read, draw or complete any homework. Some students prefer to complete homework in school so when they get home they don’t have to worry about work. They can do this during Homework Club, everyday between 3-4pm. 

Students can also attend Breakfast Club everyday from 7.30am-8.10am. There is no cost for any of these clubs.

Break and Lunch Times


A school meal deal (main, dessert and drink) costs £2.30 but you can also buy snacks as well. Snacks include pizza, sausage rolls, bacon sandwiches, fruit and flapjack. You can also fill up your water bottle here at break and lunchtimes.



Snack Shack

The snack shack is open at break and lunchtimes for those who want to get ‘grab and go foods’.



Outdoor space

We are really lucky to have lots of space at Claydon. There are lots of different areas in school for you to spend your break times.
















Here is a picture of a typical classroom. The teacher will let you know your seating plan and then you can remember where you sit every lesson. You must make sure you have all of your equipment with you including your planner, so remember to be organised.  



Design Technology

You will have the chance to develop lots of new practical skills in an interactive environment.





In Year 7 you will have 3 PE lessons a fortnight. Students will experience a range of different sports including: volleyball, trampolining, badminton, gymnastics and athletics.

We also have a fully equipped fitness suite which can you also use at lunchtimes and after school.

The PE department runs lots of sports clubs at lunchtime and after school and you will have a chance to represent the school in competitive fixtures. Ask your parents/carers to check out @PeClaydon on Twitter to see what we have been up to.

During the year there are many whole school sporting events like the 'fun run' and our annual sports day.

Elsewhere in school: