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Claydon High School

Information for students

 Please do use this page and our wider website to find out more about the school and opportunities available to you when you join Claydon High School.     


High school is very different from primary school. You do not stay in the same classroom all day and will move around to your different lessons. Here is an idea of what your day could look like:

Did you know that we have a school minibus that can take students home after extra-curricular clubs for only 50p! Please note that the minibus only drops off in rural catchment areas and not Ipswich town postcodes that are served by regular public transport.


On your first day of school you will be given a copy of your timetable and a school planner. The planner is to help you keep organised. You write your homework in it, parents/carers can write messages to your tutor and teachers can write messages to your parents/carers.

There is also a lot of useful information in the planner which will help you including a map of the school and key hints and tips for helping you to improve your learning. 

You must take your planner to school every day and have it ready for each lesson. You must make sure that every day you show your parent/carer your planner when you get home so they can help you organise your homework if needed. 

At the beginning of every week you need to ask your parent/carer to sign your planner so the school and home can work together to best support you. 

Here is an example of a weekly planner page and how to complete it:


You will need to bring into school each day the following equipment:

School Uniform


You will be required to wear a school uniform and details of what you will need and where it can be purchased from is listed on our uniform page. 



Bus Information

 If you are arriving or leaving school via a school bus, this is where you are dropped off and collected - it is behind the Main Hall.  

If you travel home on a bus at the end of the school day you must go to your bus room when the final bell goes. A teacher will then tell you when the bus is ready for you to get on it. 

Please note that parents/carers should visit the Suffolk County Council “Nearest school tracker” ( to see if they are eligible for funded transport and consider how they might get to school if this is not available. 

Young Carers

Some of our students have family members who need a bit of extra help.  It could be they are disabled physically, have a medical condition and/or they have mental health needs.  Our students often need to do that bit more at home – housework, shopping, looking after younger siblings, or just being there to listen when necessary.   

Some of our students are registered with Suffolk Family Carers and we have a key worker who comes into school to speak and support our Young Carers.  You may well be a Young Carer already. Mrs Steele and Mrs Byam look after the Young Carers in school and hold monthly lunchtime drop-ins, where you can come along, with a friend if you wish and just get together.  Or if you think you may be a Young Carer, then you would be welcome to discuss it with us.  Please click to go to the Young Carers page.

Some words of encouragement from some of our Year 10 Prefects

I understand how nervous it is joining a new school, I was exactly the same. The teachers and prefects are very supportive, whether it’s encouraging you to make friends, joining a club or even helping you find your next classroom, everyone is friendly.



I know how you feel but high school is a lot better than it seems. There are so many things to do! Sports clubs, debate clubs, book clubs! There are fresh opportunities, unknown things to learn, friends to make!  And, it’s a lot smaller once you get used to it!



You will be welcomed into the Claydon community straight away by staff and students alike. There is absolutely no need to worry about getting lost as students and teachers will help guide you around. Your first week will be spent with your tutor group, who you will spend all of your years at Claydon with.



I know it's difficult starting a new school, everything seems so big and strange especially when you come from a small primary school. Try not to worry as everyone feels the same. If you have a problem, just ask for help, don't keep it to yourself as someone will always help you.