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Claydon High School

Frequently asked questions

Answered by our Year 11 students

Will I get lost in a bigger school?

Yes, you can get occasionally lost at school but that’s just because it’s new. However, if you do, there are maps around the school and friendly students who will help you get to your classroom.  Within a week of being with us you will know your way around very well. 

If I am worried or upset, who can I speak to?

There are many different people in the school who you can talk to, these include your tutor, Student Standards Team, Prefects, Peer Mentors and members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Your concern or issue will be dealt with professionally and confidentially. If other teachers, students or parents/carers need to be made aware, these people will help to do this to. We are a telling school and so you should never keep something to yourself that is worrying you or causing upset. 

What school trips are there?

There is a wide choice of school trips throughout your Claydon life. From sport to art, to cooking to history, whatever your interests are, there is a trip to suit you. We travel within the UK and sometimes overseas. There are also reward trips to aim for to encourage students to 'be the best they can be'. My favourite took me to the magical world of Harry Potter. I know with everything going on right now we may not be able to go in the immediate future, but I’m sure these opportunities will become available again very soon.  

What clubs can I take part in at Claydon High School? 

There are many clubs available, particularly in sport, ranging from football to streetgolf. Claydon participates in a wide range of sporting activities and many of these will present the opportunity to represent the school in competitive fixtures and travel all over the county. There are also subject specific clubs such as music, coding and homework clubs. These clubs not only allow you to improve your learning but also to meet other people with similar interests, creating new friendships.  

There are only a couple of students coming from my primary school, will I make friends easily? 

I think that you will make friends easily because everyone is in the same position and you are placed in a tutor group with lots of new faces. You may be sitting next to someone new, and if you are, then introduce yourself and maybe you will end up being best friends! You will meet like minded people with similar interests. I guarantee that by the end of day one you will have a new friend.

I am worried about getting the school bus. What if I miss it?

My best advice is, don’t miss it! High school is all about being organised and so if you are up and ready on time in the morning then missing the bus will not be an issue. Some students have to look after younger brothers and sisters or maybe care for someone at home. If this means you may miss the bus then you should speak to your tutor or Student Standards Team at school.