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Examinations Information

All qualification exams and assessments and Year 11 Internal exams are carried out under the Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ) regulations.

Advanced Information for GCSEs 2022

In February the government and exam boards announced some advance information related to some of the GCSE exams which will take place in the summer. This letter and the information below helps to explain those changes.

Please click to read the JCQ's Advance Information for Ofqual Regulated General Qualifications 2021-2022.

Please click on the summary of Additional help for students taking exams in summer 2022

Please click to read the JCQ Advanced Information - Student Guide

Please click on the links to access the advanced information for each subject

Design and Technology - 8552             Biology - 8461            Geography - no advanced material 

Food Prep & Nutrition - 8585                Chemistry - 8462

French - 8658                                          Physics - 8463

Music - 8271                                             Combined Science: Trilogy - 8464

PE - 8582                                                  Spanish - 8698

Please click here for further information from AQA.                                                                                           

Drama - 1DR0                                           Art & Design - no advance material

Mathematics - 1MA1                                English Literature - no advance material

Statistics - 1ST0                                        History - no advance material 

Please click here for further information from Pearson.                                                                                
EDUQAS                                                      OCR

English Language - C700QS                Computer Science - J277   

Sociology - C200QS                              

Please click here for further information from EDUQAS.  
Please click here for further information from OCR.  

Covid exam measures and guidance if you are ill with Covid

Please click to access the guidance document

GCSE Results 

Results Day 2022 is on Thursday 25th August. Details on collecting your results will be published nearer the time.


External exam timetable - Summer 2022

Statement of entries will be issued to students and available on the parent portal nearer the time.  Please click to access the candidate exam handbook 2022.


We retain uncollected certificates for 2 years. If you have not collected your certificates and you left Year 11 in either the summer of 2019, 2020 or 2021, these can be collected by you from the school's front office. This is open for collections between 9am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday, term time. Only the named student can collect their own certificates, unless they provide us with written authorisation to release the certificates to a named person and that person brings in photo id when collecting the certificates. 

We are required by the awarding body to return or destroy uncollected certificates. If you have not collected your certificates having left before the above dates, or you have lost your certificates, please use the appropriate links below to apply for copies directly with the appropriate awarding bodies. They all charge a fee for this service, so please look after your certificates. The school can not reissue any certificate.


Useful Links

Please click to go to the JCQ website where you will find information for candidates.

JCQ FAQs GCSE Advanced Information exam series Summer 2022

Exams Policy

Please click to access the school's Exam Policy