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Claydon High School

Ethos and Values

Achievement for all

Our aim at Claydon High School is to provide a high quality education which helps students to grow and develop as successful and responsible citizens in an environment which is supportive and caring.

We treat students as individuals and help them to achieve the very highest standards of which they are capable. We have high expectations of students and develop and encourage team work, respect and co-operation; all factors we believe help students to grow into self confident individuals, able to take a full and active part in their community.

Success and achievement are celebrated and we seek a positive partnership with parents/carers and those in the wider community.

To help us achieve all we set out to do we ask the following...

From students we expect that...

  • they are committed to their own learning

  • they show respect for others

  • they allow others to learn

  • they are tolerant of the views of others

  • they represent the school in the best way they can

  • they adhere to uniform rules

  • they tell us of their successes

From parents/carers we ask that –

  • you ensure students attend school regularly and on time

  • you ensure students have all the correct equipment and uniform

  • you support the school in maintaining high standards of behaviour and uniform

  • you encourage students to work to the best of their ability with both school and homework

  • you check and sign planners, contact the school if there is a problem and attend consultation evenings

You can expect from us –

  • high standards and expectations

  • information about progress and achievement

  • good communication

  • a broad and balanced curriculum

  • support with any concerns

  • guidance on post 16 studying, progression and opportunities available

Student care and making sure your child is happy

We are very proud of the way we look after our students and work in many ways to make their stay at Claydon High School an enjoyable and happy one.

  • Where possible the form tutor will stay with their tutor group for the duration of their school life and is the first point of contact for parents/carers

  • Tutors, key stage leaders, student managers and subject teachers are available by appointment to talk to parents/carers

  • There are many opportunities to be involved in wider school life

  • Mentors are available to support students

  • Year 7 tutor groups have Year 9 tutor buddies

  • Senior prefects and prefects help us to look after new students

  • Rewards are given for a whole range of reasons

  • Celebration assemblies share student success and achievement

  • We have a school counsellor and weekly drop-in sessions with a nurse and police officer

Learning Support

Students with special education needs follow the same curriculum as all other students at the school but may receive additional support; any learning support provided is specific to the student.

In key stage four students may take fewer GCSE courses and/or may be given the opportunity to participate in courses which better suit their needs.

All students identified as having a special educational need, either at Primary School or at Claydon High School, will have regular reviews and parents/carers will be involved. Where a child has an IEP this will be reviewed and updated twice a year.

Students who are behind their target grade may be invited to participate in our ‘level up’ programme to help improve their Literacy and Numeracy.

We actively encourage parents/carers to work as partners with us in developing and supporting their child’s progress through such strategies as reading with them at home or helping with spelling and handwriting. We also work closely with outside agencies such as the LA Learning Support Team and Educational Psychologists who may be able to offer further support and advice. As the base for the Local Authority Dyslexia Unit we have access to CPD and resources.

Details of arrangements for co-ordinating special educational needs can be found in the Special Educational Needs Policy and further details can be discussed with Mr Pope, SENCO.

Students with disabilities - Claydon High School is committed to developing and promoting an inclusive community. Students with disabilities are admitted on equal terms and join in everyday activities with other students. A copy of our Disability Equality Scheme is available on request.

Claydon's Most Able and Talented Students

At Claydon High School our ethos of "Be the best you can be" means that we hold high expectations of all students, challenging them to fulfil and exceed their potential.

We identify CMATS on entry to the school, including those who excel in specific subjects, and support them to work at the highest level.We monitor all students during their time at school and this includes identifying students who will join our CMATS cohort and providing support and intervention opportunities for them in appropriate ways.

Challenge is provided in lessons across the curriculum and in addition there are extra-curricular opportunities for CMATS and others to develop a range of skills and talents. The opportunities offered include: sports fixtures, drama productions, music workshops, creative writing days, author visits, debating competitions, science club, coding club, Spanish club, maths challenge, trips to a wide range of venues as well as the opportunity to take additional GCSE qualifications in French and Further Maths.

We also provide a number of student leadership opportunities to students in each year group to develop wider social and employability skills. Students attend conferences, act as mentors, work as prefects and can develop the qualities of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication through PixL EDGE.

Safeguarding and Security

The security and wellbeing of our students are taken very seriously.

All staff are trained in safeguarding procedures and all information regarding child protection and safeguarding matters is dealt with as confidentially as possible. Any concerns are referred to our Senior Designated Professional for Safeguarding.